To submit a video, simply click HERE and follow the easy steps to complete the submission process.

The first 100 submissions receive a $25 Art Bar gift card. This applies to artists who are submitting their first video or to those who are already featured on Against the Grain.

Crosstown Arts will post the content as soon as possible and will pay musicians their online ticket sales twice per month.

Video submission information: 

Crosstown Arts will only accept and post videos from musicians who currently live in the Greater Memphis metro area. All submitted videos should include newly created performances of individual songs. These videos must be original and newly created for this project (no videos recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine began). Original music, covers, or composed pieces of music are all welcomed. Unedited, one-take, iPhone/smartphone videos with no additional audio or video gear are encouraged but not required. All videos will be converted to black-and-white before they are posted online (with a bit of extra graininess added to give all the videos in the project a loosely unified aesthetic). 

• In order for Crosstown Arts to present the best version of your work, please shoot your video horizontally. If you're using a phone, please use a stabilizer to ensure the video remains steady.

• To help viewers connect with the performance, please include a shot of the performer's face. Close-up shots of hands playing instruments are fine, so long as they're inter-cut between shots of the face.

• To ensure a cohesive aesthetic across all videos, we ask that you do not include an introduction to your song. Any introduction will be edited out of the video.

• Please include only one song in your video. You are welcome to submit multiple videos if you'd like to perform more than one song.

• If you're including any graphics, web addresses, or social media handles, please save them for the end of the video. 

• Please limit video file size to 5GB or less.

Full FAQ can be found here.