Q: What is Against the Grain?
A: Against the Grain is an online initiative organized by Crosstown Arts to support Memphis musicians.

Q: Where will people be able to see the videos that musicians submit?
A: The videos will be accessible at https://crosstownarts.org/againstthegrain. Each artist's video(s) will be published on their artist page, which can be accessed from the HOME and ALL MUSICIANS pages on this website. 

Q: Do people have to pay to watch the videos?
A: No, online viewers will be able to watch all Against the Grain videos on the website for free. They will have the option to buy a virtual ticket donation, but not buying a virtual ticket donation will not affect their access.

Q: How will people be able to support musicians financially?
A: Viewers have the option to purchase a virtual ticket donation in increments of $5 to $100 to support the artist. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the artists.

Q: How will musicians get paid?
A: Crosstown Arts will be mailing checks semi-monthly, using the payee information that musicians submit in the sign-up form. 

Q: Are there any required technological specifications for the videos?A: Please limit video file size to 5GB or less. We ask that musicians shoot the content horizontally. If they're using a phone, we ask that they please use a stabilizer to ensure the video remains steady. Note that the videos will be converted to black-and-white, but musicians can shoot them in color if they'd like. 

Q: Can musicians include more than one song per video?
A: No, videos should only include one song, but musicians are invited to submit more than one video.

Q: Should musicians include an introduction before the song?
A: No, the video should only include the one song. Any introduction will be edited out of the video.

Q: Does the content need to be appropriate for all ages? 
A: No, but we will include a note on all videos that are not appropriate for all ages. That said, we do respectfully ask that video content abides by all local, state, and federal laws.

Q: Can musicians submit a cover of someone else’s song? 
A: Yes, YouTube will compensate the writers/publishers if the video gets a large number of views. However, if the writer/publisher asks us to remove the video, we will do so.

Q: Can a musician submit a video they made last year?
A: No, these must be newly created videos.

Q: Will Crosstown Arts use musicians' video for promotional purposes, and if so, where would that be?
A: Crosstown Arts may share some content on social media to promote this website.