Oxford English Dictionary (3rd Ed.) – against the grain: to say that an idea or action goes against the grain, you mean that it is very difficult for you to accept it or do it, because it conflicts with your previous ideas, beliefs, or principles. 

Crosstown Arts (1st Ed.) – AGAINST THE GRAIN:  Memphis musicians not letting a global crisis keep them from sharing their music with the world. You know, just doing what Memphis does best, kicking ass in the face of adversity. 

Crosstown Arts: Against the Grain is an online platform for Memphis musicians to post self-produced videos of their musical performances on Crosstown Arts’ website. Online viewers can buy a virtual ticket and directly support musicians.

Participating musicians are invited to submit as many videos as they wish, at no cost to them. Online viewers will have unlimited access to all submitted videos (organized by musician/band name). Viewers can opt to purchase virtual tickets to support the artists. Tickets are not required to view videos, but all ticket sales will go directly to the artist. Virtual tickets start at $5, the same price that audiences typically pay at the door of a live show. Those who wish to donate more to a musician will have the option to add additional funds to their ticket. One hundred percent of the online revenue generated for each specific musician will be paid out semi-monthly to that musician.

Crosstown Arts: Against the Grain provides Memphis musicians with an opportunity to create new, low/no-budget video content of their music, easily share it online, and be paid quickly for the online revenue the videos generate.